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7 Cam comparison

Guest telescope4u

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Guest telescope4u

OK...I decided to purchase 3 extra webcams for comparison (Got them really cheap). This will enable me to compare against the cam I already own.   

Below are the Cams with mark (out of ten) next to them and a short summing up. The reviewswill be updated as the cams are used.

Logitech Quickcam 4000

Creative Pro Ex

Philips Toucam II pro

Toucam I pro (7)

Great little cheap cam. Gives good quality images up 640x480 at a max of 30FPS .  Easy to use (both software and hardware).

ATik 2HS (7)

Bear in mind this is a black & white modified toucam ccd. I haven't used it for DSO's as it is not my thing. But it gives good clean images of planets. Celescope may wish to add to the review regarding DSO's. Hopefull James will also be able to give you a review soon. Cheapish entry into DSO imagining but also able to do some good planetary work.

Meade LPI (5)

Can give  some good images. It is abit more fiddly than the Toucam and i'm not sure that the software supplied with it is the best. It is still very usable. And gives some stunning pics of the moon.

Meade DSI pro (Undecided)

I have found this quite hard going to be honest, as I am not a DSO imager. It can't be used with anything other than it's own software (as far as I can see). Perhaps best reviewed by someone more interested in DSO imagining.

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This is cool Damien can't wait to try out the Atik 2HS and of course i shall be doing a Review of the Camera :lol: thinking of buying one later this year so you will get a 100% Review.

The Meade LPI and DSI are both getting compatible with K3CDDTOOLS at some point soon i read on the K3CCDTOOLS website, maybe already ready for the cam by now as it was a few months ago i read it. I have the DSI for a a few weeks and yes the software is pants if you don't know the In's and outs of it, i found the images looked like they were lower Resolution than say the Toucams funny scanlines effects were evident but that maybe down to my lack of know how with the software? Very sensitive though which is good for DSO imaging so it' software as far as i can see that lets it down somewhat..

James :(

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