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The 'Other' in this case is the blob at top right of image that looks rather like a side elevation of one of those old Boeing Stratocruisers.

Still a lot of processing to be done and will probably crop and enlarge just the 3521 area but thought I'd post it now for the benefit of any old time aircraft enthusiasts. :angry:



Click as usual.

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Is that you showing your age CW? :p

I see what you mean though......

Look forward to seeing the final image anyways


Here you are,Mark.

Amazing the amount of detail that can be pulled out from these digital images at ultra high resolution! :angry:

I was a bit out on the id of this kite. Turned out to be the military version,a KC 97. :(



Click as usual.............

....... and here's the lower half!

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very nice image CW a good result mate , but keep the joke ones to the Lounge or something please ,

smack smack

Rog :(


Wilco' Capt. :salute:

Sorry I just couldn't resist a request like Mark's. I'm weak you see. :angry:

'Proper image' now added though IMHO the top one is best. :p



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