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Hello from Geoff in Oxfordshire

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Hieveryone,I'm Geoff,I'm looking to get into Astronomy,particularly Astrophotography and would be greatfully on any suggestions on what type/make of telescope to get,I'm looking for at least a 6 inch telescope,many thanks.

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Hi Geoff and welcome to SGL, for Astrophotography you need to be researching the imaging sections of the forum for advice. The best I can give you is to obtain a copy of Steve Richards book "making Every Photon Count" this will take you where many have gone before, to succsessful imaging : http://www.skyatnightimages.co.uk or see FLO top of the page, enjoy the forum :)

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Hi Geoff and welcome to the forum. I would second John's suggestion of Steve Richards' book which is very comprehensive. Perhaps posting a question or two over on the imaging discussion section might yield some more suggestions.

Clear skies and hope you enjoy the forum.

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Hi and welcome (nice and warm at the moment), you may find this thread helpful, astro club in Abingdon so not far from you. popular place oxfordshire :smiley::smiley:

Certainly is. Hello and welcome, Geoff. Which way you go with astrophotography depends somewhat on:

1. your interests (planets, moon or deep sky).

2. what sort of skies you have (light polluted or relatively dark).

3. whether you need something light and portable to move around the garden - to avoid trees, buildings etc - or to make it possible to visit dark sites away from home.

4. whether a more permenant set up at home might be better for you.

5. the depth of your wallet.

Boring as this sounds I think the best starting point for astronomy is to get out with the best optical instrument you have - your eyes - and a decent planetarium app or star atlas and a decent introductory book to the night sky. Astronomy Now and Sky at Night are two great monthly mags that tell you what to look for that month plus loads of other astronomy related stuff. A pair of good binoculars is another good starting point before getting a telescope. As for astrophotography all you need to start is a half decent camera (possibly a DSLR) plus a tripod, at least for wide-angle shots. You may have a lot of what you need already. Plus of course SGL is one of the most helpful and friendliest astronomy websites out there. Good luck.

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