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Sept 26 Efforts with a Quark

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Here's an attempt from today. I was blessed with clear skies almost all day so tried my hand.

This is using a Skywatcher st80 80mm f/4.5 with omegon t2F-m48M adapter and then the quark screwed down tight to the end.

I am try8ing to get to the level of detail seen here in others.

These images are 20 secs between 70 and 100 fps using firecapture and a ZWL120 mono. Focusing is as good as I can make it by hand.

There's still a few dust spots left but other than that, any tips?

Active region


Large prominence



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Thanks for the comments - I am looking to improve the contrast and the detail . I particularly liked Michael's animation of the sunspot in H-alpha. Just watching the movement of material along the mag fields is hypnotic.

How many images per video do people normally capture ? So far I've been doing 1300-1500 over 20secs . Do most use more ?


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      Coronado pst, 2000 frames best 20% in Auotstakkert and polished in Registake6 and Gimp
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    • By TakMan
      Out and imaging early this morning by 7.53 as the wife said we would be "out by 11.15" and I'd rather not have a thick ear!
      Beautiful clear sky but it soon became apparent that seeing was off. Suppose the TEC140 is more susceptible than the smaller TSA102 that I used last year...
      Results from first few runs disappointing, so this is the first that I deemed half decent - captured at 8.12am
      Will add more later, but to start, the 'New Spot', or AR2829. Looking like a Beatle... or house spider or something (bright arch the body with legs out of each side)... or perhaps it's just me (too much sun) !
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      Don't know where you guys and girls get the time to process all this solar data!
      Found time now for just one, from the 20+ files from Tuesday (still got Monday and Sunday to go through)!
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      I almost hesitate to ask this but ahem, here goes... 
      My EBay white light filter turned up today & I scurried out into the garden like an excited child on Christmas morning. 
      After a bit of faffing I have it clamped to the ST80 and using the equally cheap but pleasingly effective SV-Bony pinhole projector finder (can’t believe it just slotted in and is aligned as there’s no way to adjust) there is a lovely big, crisp, solar disc. 
      Can’t see any sunspots though - and here’s the dumb question - is there just nothing doing today or am I missing a trick? 
      Any beginner tips on white light observation gratefully received...

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      I currently have a ZWO 178MC OSC planetary camera.  Everybody tells me that I need to get a mono chrome camera for solar imaging. I have narrowed it down to two cameras the ZWO ASI178MM or the ASI174MM.  The ASI174MM is quite a bit more expensive and I am not sure why?
      I have a Lunt 60MM HA f/7 Solar scope and looking for recommendations.
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