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Day Moon 8 pane mosaic 25-9-15

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.Day Moon 8 pane mosaic 25-9-15.  taken with ED80 EDX2barlow sony alpha, 400 frames in each pane, staxed with Regi. im struggling with daytime moons but i think this is a step forward, but i need to work on my focus me thinks. good luck for the eclipse everybody.thanks for looking charl.                                        post-40095-0-86088400-1443274393_thumb.j

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Another good effort.  There appears to be a little bit of colour misalignment with a bue fringe at the top and yellow at the bottom.  I wonder if that might be tweaked a little to improve the image?


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    • By xtreemchaos
      2pm the clouds parted leaving a lovely moon begging to be imaged, so you know I carnt resist !,
      kit AR127L, 1200 for full, asi120mc for close ups. get out there if you get chance its too good to miss, hope you all have clear skys.
      thanks for looking , clear skys , charl...
      colour 160 frames. 3456x3456. best at full size..

      mono. 160 frames 2521x2207. best at full size.

      lazy 100 frames. 3456x2280.

      cu1. mono

      cu2 mono.

      cu3 mono.

      do these other moons count ?, so that 3 moons for me today then

    • By xtreemchaos
      qwick moon, seeings fair, bit of cloud about, only just caught a few vids before it went outa range.
      kit AR127L, 1200D,+ ASI120MC for close ups.
       thanks for looking, clear skys charl.
      mono . 2-pane.


      bit closer

      top bit, middle was scrapped too much cloud in it.

      and a colour one just so its not left out.

      just got the middle to stax after deleting 70% of the cloudy frames, its not too good but it better than losing it all together.

    • By xtreemchaos
      took with ED80 2in 2x ED barlow and sony alpha
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