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Phocylides and Schickard 25/9/15


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Wow thats stunning! It really shows the height of the crater walls very well. :)

Took a while to figure out the best way to photograph my sketches but I finally settled on the best way (for me atleast!)

I just use natural light so never take the photo straight after observing, I found trying to take a photo under a lamp would give me all sorts of problems with colour balance, shadows and contrast.

Don't try and take the photo with the sketch too close to a window, the weather outside also makes a difference like I said before so place it in the middle of the room where the light is pretty flat and dull.

Thats it really, oh and don't try and use any kind of image editing program to boost contrast or improve it as you'll never get two sketches looking the same.

Do you sketch DSO's aswell? I'd love to see some of them. :)

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