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Kemble's Cascade


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This was our guest Mark's idea and it turned out to be a good one. Getting stars and backgrounds right is often the hardest part of processing so here's my best effort. In the Tandem Tak we shot 12x5 mins per colour per scope, so 24x5 mins per colour all in. Short subs to keep the star cores under control. No need for Lum which would just blow the colour out of the cores.

In processing I've not respected the true magnitudes. The Cascade (top right to lower left) has been given slightly more brightness and colour saturation than the other stars and the brighter asterism in the shape of a loop on the right has been held down. The idea is to pick out the Cascade.


Bigger https://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-SgKgDDN/0/X3/Kemble%27s%20Cascade-X3.jpg


Bad crop on the top. Tut tut! 

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Dyu know, Kemble's Cascade is a really colourful and interesting formation which I first saw noted on an episode of S@N last year and I was rather taken with it then.  Beautiful colours - as noted already, great idea!!

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That's an interesting picture. It initially is not striking but when you look at it one quickly changes the initial opinion. It is quite understated. A really nice result although being fairly new to imaging I never heard about this target before.

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