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my new toy

Starlight 1

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You took olly's advice?. Rather you than me.


Just kidding. Looks like a fine set up. Bit of overkill for visual perhaps (well compared to what i use for visual)...........it looks like its crying out to be an imaging set up.

Over to the darkside you go.

Funny comments and people with a sense of humour always makes me smile.

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Ah! but what did you do with all free clouds that you got in the box  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

Clear Skies


That was easy I put the box in the deep freeze for three hours then take  out the solid cloud and put this back in the freezer just in case I ever decide to move the scoop on.

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These are great looking scopes. I wasn't able to give any (bad!) advice on looking through an FSQ106 because I've never done so! (Mine is an older fluorite and the rear element is frighteningly close to where a diagonal might reach.) However the FSQ85 was ridiculously good for its aperture when looked through. I saw the Hamburger in the Leo Triplet, which I think is respectable for 85mm...


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