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Difficult seeing conditions last night after midnight (especially ling 60 yards from a river - Fog). Cracked on though and took 30 (3 minute) subs of M101 at ISO1600 through the Canon 40D using Eos Clip CLS Filter. Subs were very light probably could have done with more subs at less time each. Anyway, images taken through WO FLT110 guided using a DSI II Pro on a WO Megrez 72 with PhD and GPUSB all on an EQ6 Pro mount.

Took a bit of processing to get any contrast in the final image but happy so far as the light pollution and seeing was so bad. I'm getting keen to see what this setup can do from darker skies.




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I know what you mean about the skies last night, I nearly didn't bother.

But It's some times surprising what you can do with processing.

A very nice result, can't wait to see what you come up with under better conditions. :angry:


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My LP has been worse than normal over these past few nights - it does vary a lot depending on atmospheric conditions. M101 definitely needs a lot of time but you've got some nice detail Steve, just a bit dim

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Thanks for all the comments folks. It has come out a little dim but here's a complete rework of the raw data to bring out some more detail.




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