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We've had about 5 days of sunshine, and one or two clear nights, so that seems to be it for the year :(

I got out last night and while I was waiting for the sky to get dark I shot 6000 frames of saturn (that is, after taking about 30 minutes to get the damn thing on the chip!)

After this was done it was pretty much dark, but my time was running out, so I went for a quick target - M13 and got 15 minutes of data (and got darks and flats for the first time too!).

So this is:

4x30 secs and 27x20 secs (total 11 minutes)

6 darks

4 flats

8" newt at prime focus

Atik 2-HS + IR and UHC-S filters.

processed in Registax + wavelets:


(click to enlarge)

Processed in DSS


(click to enlarge)

Enjoy! (Yfronto - you'd better watch out...

:angry::p )


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Well Andrew, No. 1 is extremely good, and If I remember correctly, I do not think you have imaged M13 before. I don't remember the image anyway. Anyway, I would be more than happy with a result like that.

Need not say anything about No. 2, as you said it yourself. The focus is not a mile off though.

Ron. :angry:

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Thanks guys! Yes Ron - it was my first glob. I had to use 1 second exposures for focusing, so you have to turn, wait 2 seconds, turn, wait and this procedure hasn't quite clicked yet. I can't work out whether I've gone past focus yet.

Number two is the same image as #1, but processed in DSS (no sharpening tool) and enlarged, which exaggerates the poor focus. #1 has benefited from Registax's wavelets. I still cannot open images in PS without deterioration :angry:


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