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Smartphone bracket for PushTo system (Dob)

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I have been thinking for a while the best way to attach my smartphone to my Dob to make it easier to find objects in the night sky. I have used printed skymaps before but I sometimes just prefer to use the skyeye app.

First I ordered a cheap plastic case from eBay. This was for my old Samsung S3 that I no longer use. I also recently added a Telrad so was able to borrow some parts from the original finderscope (I am using the small bracket that attaches to the OTA).

Next I cut down a cheap plastic shelf bracket that I bought from IKEA (50p) and this slipped into the finderscope bracket nicely.

Glue gun was then used to attach an old furniture foot bracket to the phone case and I widened the hole in the bracket to accept the thicker thread. 15mm nut tightened it all together.

I deliberately attached the phone in a manner that I could rotate it into portrait or landscape mode to suit. It is also far enough down the tube that I won't knock it with my head when using the Telrad.

I have only used sticky pads at the moment to attach to the OTA until I am happy with the position, then a few nuts and bolts will finish the installation.

Total cost (excluding phone) is about £3. Looking forward to seeing how it works now.

Hopefully this helps anyone else thinking along the same lines.










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I like that a lot ! Doesnt the ota affect the phones compass and gyro though ?

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I like that a lot ! Doesnt the ota affect the phones compass and gyro though ?

Thanks! Not tried it out properly but if it is close enough I will be happy.

If it doesn't work then it hasn't cost very much and the OTA will be unharmed as nothing is permanent......yet.



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I was thinking along the same lines myself, that's just genius :) I like it a lot. I feel a project coming on...

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