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First light for a borrowed 4021

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I have been very kindly lent an Artemis 4021 for a week or two and had the chance to try it out last night.

the first this I noticed is how mush less sensitive it is to my Artemis 429, but I suppose it's the price you pay with large format cameras.

so here's 5 x 10min subs of NGC7000 in Ha through the Vixen ED103S with a 6.3 reducer.

the flats are a bit carp so there's some brightening in the corners but it's not toooo bad.

No darks were used as the camera is pretty good for hot pixels.

Image resized to 50%



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Pretty good for just a few 10 min subs Ian , as you say its a lovely wide field . double those subs and apretty good noiseless image Ian .

would you buy one , or would you stay with the 429

Rog :angry:

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now that's a tough question Rog,

I think I'd buy a 285 based camera first, yes the field is great but it's hard work compared to the smaller cams and I'm in this for the fun not for serious imaging.

I think I could be happy with a 285 and some spare cash.

I'll be sorry to hand it back but I won't miss it too much.


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It's a great Image Ian, whatever you think about the camera.

It is a very wide are of sky is imaged there. I do like these mono shots of nebulous regions.

Ron. :angry:

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Superb image Ian.I was planing having a go at that one myself tonight for my debut DSO, if the fog doesn't come in, but on seeing this excellent image i might try something else for fear of embarrassment. :angry:

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