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M64 - The Black Eye Galaxy

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I seem to have missed tonight's main event (Moon v Mercury) by concentrating on this galaxy instead - I must read the 'what's going on this month' section of the magazines more thoroughly in future!

This galaxy is a rather unusual spiral galaxy in that it has a very prominent dark dust lane that obscures many of the stars in the centre portion of the galaxy. 23 subs. of 300 seconds each using my SXVF-H9C and 80mm ED Refractor.


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Lovely one Steve , not an easy one is this , i always like the core on this one , tried myself last night, but i was picking up nasty noise for some reason, so gave up on galaxies.

But anyway a fine result from yourself


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Looking good Steve. Funny sort of galaxy, the black eye there never seems much going on and it just fades away suddently around the edges. You've done a good job with it Steve

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just the other side of the Downs must have made a difference in sky quality?

The seeing was pretty poor here which is probably why I haven't captured the detail I sought in the Black Eye Galaxy's dust lane although this did improve in time for the M82 session. Both sessions (especially the latter) were plagued by misty skies - will we ever get back to dry skies again?

Ironically we always reckon we get the worst of it on the 'North' side!

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