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Mini Borg 50 with Lodestar X2

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I recently acquired a Lodestar, which I want to use with my Mini Borg as a guide scope. However I don't want to put the Lodestar straight into the Mini, because it only has two crappy clamping screws and not a nice compression ring. I don't want to chew up the outside of the Lodestar, with super primitive clamping screws.

Can anyone suggest a way to connect these two together? I think the Lodestar has a 1" email thread on it. So is there a 1.25" nose piece/extension tube with a 1" male thread available anywhere? ..or maybe a click stop focus ring, that could do the same?

Would this be any good 


I'm not sure what a "C" thread is. Is it the same as a 'CS' thread ?

I guess this could be good too:


Many thanks

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I can confirm that a 'C' thread is the same as a 'CS' thread.

Sorry, I should explain more, both refer to the same thread pattern. In absolute terms, a 'C' mount refers to a lens backfocus of 

17.526mm, the 'CS' mount refers to a backfocus of 12.526mm. In astro terms, the two terms seem interchangeable.

This website is good in explaining camera mounts:


Hope it helps


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You can use Borg adapter pt.no 7522 (M57 to 36.4mm/T2 thread) to connect a Baader Click Lock clamp. I use this combination on my Mini 60 for white light solar. Or instead of the click lock, the Borg mini helical focuser pt.no 7315 has a male T thread at the eyepiece end, which both Baader T2 prisms happily screw into. Have a look here for more options.


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