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Hi All,

For a number of years now, my wife and I have been considering getting a car. The reasons for this are mostly to do with the occasional anti-social hours I end up keeping and the fact that all our family live out in the middle of nowhere, or at least public transport makes it a headache to go for visits.

Of course buying a car means transport possibilities for telescopes - mine's a 6'' Dobsonian (Although in the dimmer-still future I'm looking to upgrade to a 10''). The snag is that living in London, I'm after quite a small car and while  number of models have caught my eye, fitting the telescope in the back is very much a concern.

So my question for you all is who's got the smallest car that will still take a 6'' Dobsonian, driver and passenger in the front? Come on you Mini-owning Dob Mob members!


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