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Hello all! I am not necessarily new to the UK, however I am new to astronomy. My daughter wanted to 'see the stars and planets', so we purchased a 127 Sky Watcher Sky Master Maskutov-Cassegrain. Well, while spending time over summer holiday looking at the stars I have found myself utterly entranced by everything around us. This has turned into the most interesting hobby I have ever gotten myself into and have found that, forgive the pun, that the sky is the limit in what I am capable of seeing. I really enjoy astronomy and all the time and patience that has to go into it. I look forward to learning from this forum and hopefully I too will be able to yield gems of knowledge in the future.

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Hi 'amgray04' (& daughter) and welcome to SGL.  :hello2:

One recommended download is Stellarium. It is free!

If you like going through pages of starcharts on paper, then I recommend TriAtlas*. Again it is free! The full package is available in three volumes/parts. The third volume/part is very detailed, (also available for iPhone & iPad & iPod via iTunes). There are other free starcharts you can download, as well as finder charts for the Messier*, Caldwell*, Herschel 400* etc. All I did was to type into my search/browser was 'free starcharts'.  

BTW - the three volumes/parts of TriAtlas will fill one CD-ROM.

* all are availble as .pdf   

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Hi Amgray and welcome to SGL, if your passion for the for the hobby is still increasing and your Daughter is joining in with you, you might like to give some thought to increasing your light gathering capacity, to investing in a 200mm Dobsonian, the 127 Mak will be fine for local work, but the larger scope is capable of taking you into the fascinating World of the DSO, journeying much deeper into space, enjoy the forum :) 

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