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Anybody using Adobe Lightroom?

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I am putting together my Astrophotography plan.  Wondering if Adobe Lightroom would be a good program for processing images.  Any suggestions / opinions welcome.  Thanks in advance.....


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Hi Tim, I use Lightroom for white light DSLR images, really good software, much more friendly than Photoshop especially for applying corrections to bulk image runs - (you can almost get away without Photoshop).

Not sure if it will handle fit files? but you can convert your raw camera files to loads of different formats

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Hi Tim, I use LR for daylight photography and while it is good for cataloging and making simple edits (boosting shadows, adjusting colour balance etc) it is definitely no good for astro work. For instance there's no staking of images function, star alignment and as Francis says it would not understand FIT files.

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I've been using Lightroom for final processing after doing the stacking in DSS or Nebulosity. I feel LR works quite nicely: clarity and vibrance sliders add some easy punch to the image and adjusting the levels can probably be done about as well as in Photoshop. Color noise cancellation also works very well. Here are a couple of my most recent images from other threads:




Just to clarify, recently I've imported the RAWs to LR, exported as lossless TIFF without any processing, stacked in DSS and then processed further in LR.
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Thanks everyone.  I think I will get the program because I can use it to manage all of my other pics.  Maybe I can try it too with AP and get started this way.  Seems like some of you have had pretty good success with it.  I have Nebulosity and also Backyard EOS for capture and stacking then I could do some processing in LightRoom.  It seems like most of the serious APers use PhotoShop but that may be down the road for me.  Just getting started and the piggy bank is getting low.

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