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Is the magic lantern mod any good? I am thinking of putting it on a 100d that I'm going to buy on Sunday, the main reason I want it is for the built in intervalometre, this will save me the cost of buying a separate one, as I'm using the buy now pay 6 months later deal so I need to save up ready to pay back. Can you switch off magic lantern when you want to use the camera normally or is it always on after the first use?


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I have magic lantern on my modded 550D and on my 5D3, it's excellent software.  Once installed it runs in the background and you wouldn't know it's there until you initialize it, usually by pressing the delete button though I guess this may vary by camera model. Just make sure when you install it you follow the installation instructions to the letter.

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Must say i have mixed feelings about it.

Used it on my 550d and it froze if took more than ~10 imgaes in a few minutes.

Newer figured out why so i uninstalled it.

It's about two years since i testet it so it can have improoved.

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Are there any other ways of using an intervalometre without buying one?

You can get phone apps that will do the job either by IR control or construction of a dongle I have used "DSLR Remote" with good results.


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I have used Magig Lantern on my 6D with great success. I have done timelapse with over 600 images with no problems.

If you don't want to startup Magic Lantern use another memory card or just take it out while you start the camera.

The intervallometer function is much better than a external one with lots more settings to choose from, i highly recommend it  :smiley:

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