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Spent an enjoyable lunch hour at work yesterday writing up my observing plan for last night. Got home, set up the scope waited for it to get dark, then armed with my wonderful plan went outside, switched on my redlight torch to identify the first object on the list...  and was confronted with a blank piece of paper. I turned it over, still blank... Then it dawned on me... I had written the plan with the only pen I had at the time, a red biro... doh... Think I need to go back to school.

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A few of our group took an interest in viewing the lunar 100, got a downloadable "lunar 100 map" printed off and yes......  you've guess it, the numbers are all red!!  :p

PS.... I did eventually get one with blue numbers :)

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It's a downhill slide ! You'll advance to a completely different dimension,

putting the teabag in the kettle.

Taking the shopping bags out of the car and putting them straight in the bin.

You'll also enjoy the many trips upstairs , forgetting what you went up there for !

That's before you're let loose near scopes and eyepieces ,


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You're probably too young to remember the "secret words" feature in comics. They consisted of jumbled up letters in both red and blue, but by using a red filter in front of your eye you could make the red letters disappear and read the message. That shows how old I am I suspect, so you can imagine all the mistakes I make!


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and you don't have to be older.  Many years ago a friend dropped in (a Horror Writer he is, age at the time was around 30) and whilst I was tinkering with the HiFi he asked if he could put the kettle on for a cup of tea.  I finished what I was doing and headed to the kitchen, to find him seated with his head in his hands.  I asked him what the matter was and he just pointed to the gas rings, where sat my partially melted plastic electric kettle. :grin:


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