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Milky Way at 24mm, 50mm and 200mm

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These are 3 widefield images of the same area of the Milky Way taken at different focal lengths. The 24mm and 200mm photos are stacked images but the 50mm image is a single 5 minutes sub taken with a nifty fifty at F4.0. they were all taken with a canon 100D on an iOptron Skyguider in a rural location (but with some amount of light polution). I think they give an indication of the scale of the objects that can be seen during a clear night; particularly the image taken with the 50mm as this is roughly the same scale the human eye see things.

For some years now, I have been using a SW200P and a 80ED on an EQ5Pro with guiding. It takes me over an hour to set up and set down. I am now discovering the joy of using a portable set up. I can't wait for the winter to image Orion!

Thanks for looking and for your comments.




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Nice. I've been considering using my 55-250 to see what I can get in particular at the long end. What focal ratio was your 200mm shot using, and what kind of exposure lengths? Also what does an individual image look like with light pollution?

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Lovely images!  :Envy:   I've got no real interest in AP but I'm beginning to really think about having a crack at wide field... the relative small amount of kit you need is very appealing!

Interesting to see the colour difference between the 50mm lens and the other lenses.  Were the 24mm and 200mm shot with the same (zoom) lens?  Have you had a go at composite images yet?


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Great images. Widefield is on my list to crack this year. To date my results when experimenting have been disastrous. Images like these spur me on, cloud permitting of course. well done.

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