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At first last night I started out with the intention of taking shots of M95 & then possibly M96, but after only a few test shots of M95 I thought I'd chance my arm and try and get the Leo triplet instead. I knew it would be tricky getting all three framed, but as luck had it the GOTO slew got two out of the three first time. So I'm thinking all well and good; scooted back to the laptop to have a look at some reference images on the web so I could do the final adjustments in the right direction and ever so slowly NGC3628 edges onto the frame - fantastic :angry:

Here's the final image from the stack, just over an hours worth in total, ISO1600 - 1 Minute subs, unguided.

BTW: I think for me the seeing was quite variable last night, and there was a fair bit of moisture hanging around from all the rain earlier in the day.



LEO TRIPLET 1 May 2008


(click to enlarge)

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Thanks for the comments.

I wasn't too happy with the galaxy cores from my first go at processing this image - they were a bit blown out and there was a loss of fine detail so I've had another go and I'm personally happier with this one.

Any thoughts welcome.


LEO Triplet - 1 May 2008


(click to enlarge)

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A very fine image with a great FOV Roy :hello1:

Hope you don't mind but I made an artificail flat in PS and had a bash at removing a bit of the vignetting that was showing :angry:



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