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Hi all, it's been a while...


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Hi everyone hope this is the right place .... it use to be,

It's been a while since I last logged in to here it feels strange being back - I use to use this site quite a lot a few year back when I first started out and come across some fantastic people, very helpful and willing to offer advice - I kind of come away from astronomy in the end but kept a keen interest, I've always ment to get back involved, I've recently retired from work very early at the age of 31 due to a illness so decided now is the time to pick up where I left off - yesterday I bought a new 200p to start off with and I'm now looking for a couple of better EPs to use.

Really I just wanted to pop in and say hi and i hope all the members I had great pleasure of learning from are all great and ok.

All the best to everyone!


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Thanks - it's been great to be reading over the site again. I had a hour out looking at the moon Thursday night first time in a couple years and I got a little "buzz" of excitement when I dropped in the eye piece and settled down to look through it - felt like a little kid again 8-) I think that was the old bug biting again! I can't wait for winter now.

My cousin has just moved to denbeigh right up in the sticks so I'm hoping to get out up there .

it's pitch black apparently and I believe you can just make out the milky way - I visited last week but it was raining but it's perfect. He literally lives 30 seconds up the road in a farm house from the old denbeigh hospital / asylum.

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