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Hello all,

My main interest are DSO's - especially faint nebula and galaxies. However, I live in a very light polluted area so do what I can with variables, tracking asteroids, solar observing etc. I sometimes look at doubles but would like to be able to accurately estimate their separation and was thinking of getting a Baader reticle ep. Does anybody else use one of these, or similar,  on doubles?


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Hiya Bish,

I sometimes use a Baader Microguide and you can find a little write up here which you may find useful. They're not that easy to use on an undriven mount but knowing a few numbers before hand, you do get an idea of size of objects, estimated separation and position angle of double and the such. Drop me a PM if you need any extra info :grin:

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Hi Bish

I have done some measuring with the celestron microguide.

I have always used a driven GEM. It is tricky to start with but with practice you can get some very accurate measures.



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