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Canon 1100D - Good for Astro-Imaging?

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definitely, I'd swear by mine, it's parsecs better than my old Nikon D80.  Check out this thread for some examples - http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/246539-anyone-got-any-1100d-modded-images-to-share/

You'll probably want to get it modded though, try here - http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/

£250 sounds a bit toppy though if it's second hand - they're going for about £150 on ebay

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They are good for Astro use - modded or not.  I use one for Solar and Lunar full discs as well as some DSO imaging. The price you quote is in Dollars so seems to be about right (£159)for a second hand camera body.

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Thanks everyone for responding.  It seems that a lot of people ate using the 1000d and the 1100d.  I looked around for 1100d cameras and this one supposedly is like new with all the documentation etc.  I went ahead and bought it for $250 dollars.  I plan on using this camera exclusively for astrophotography so plan to do the modification.  Now I need to find that link for how to do it!  :icon_salut:

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take your time... lay down a old new paper or a paper of some sort. dont use a towel.... it has lint.. 

all that work and you snap a image to find lint.. i dont think it would be fun

i did my 450. my 1100 hasnt spoke to me yet to be moded... 

its easy


you take your time.. if you feel any ANY grrrrr .... step off it .. leave it .. when reseatin the ribon wires.. use a toothpick they have lil holes in the cables... go slow go easy ... this is NOT a fast thing.. 

iam glad i did my 450.. it works great.. 

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