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Better late than never


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Here are seven single shot images taken on two consecutive nights when the seeing was better than average (I sure wish that happened more often).

The scope was an f/10 8" LX-10 SCT, and the camera was a 4 megapixel Nikon CoolPix 4300 at full (3x) optical zoom, attached to a 10mm ep via a ScopeTronix Digi-T adapter.

3 pics from 13 April 2008:

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Thank you, I wish the seeing were as kind to me as all of you are! :angry:

99.8% of my time is spent observing, and my lunar images are basically used as a learning/teaching aid. But it's fun to be able to share a decent image once in a while. :(

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:angry:Thanks everyone! Btw, it's about 1:30 am here, and while most of you are starting your Wednesday, I'm inside warming up and waiting for M5 to climb out of the trees.

Here's what I look like. --> :pirate: (It's kinda hard typing in the dark with one eye.. hope I hit the right keys. :( )

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Just seen these images Carol, and splendid they are too.

I particularly like the Straight Wall shot, such a black shadow thrown down off that one. You grabbed some wonderful detail in the rest of them also. The devastation around Copernicus sends a shudder through me, it must have been one mighty impact.

Ron. :angry:

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