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Video "All Sky" Camera (Meteor Cam even?)


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Purchase of the Watec 910HX liberated my (battered) Watec 120N+

for "All Sky" camera duties. Probably a bit over-kill for the task, but...


A big improvement in the image via a Computar 2.6mm F1.0 lens

Something of a rarity, but kindly sold to me "at no profit" by Allan C. :)

Never enough time, but Interesting stuff these *meteor guys* do...

Not a fish-eye lens (perhaps better for it!) but around 120 degrees?

But at least I can now see when the dreaded clouds are rolling in!   ;)

Aside: It's often said that integrating video cameras are no good for

*meteor* recording! Not sure quite why? Maybe if one uses shorter

integration time? I seem to get unsolicited meteors on my images. :D

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