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M27 - First Narrow Band (Using the GIMP!)


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Finally a clear night! But, instead of trying to "zap" through

twenty objects, I decided to try to narrow band image M27.

And learn how to process colour via the GIMP "properly"? :p

For a change found a genuinely comprehensible tutorial? :D


And the same with some added soothing tones (well done)!


Randomly, I chose to use my Baader UHC for "luminance".

And then added H-Alpha (Red) and 2x OIII (Blue & Green)

I wasn't terribly careful re. aligning the colour layers!

Maybe one could just add a "Cyan" layer for Blue + Green?

But I suppose you do get a more control on colour mixing.

For my final trick, I do try to try to *centre* my images using

the "move tool". Seems to help with the general impression

if presenting multiple images via slide-show or a video. ;)


No DARK subtractions, so you are unfortunately stuck with

familiar "Mark of Zorro" red, green and blue hot pixels!  :o

But I think I have a better *general* idea for the future.  :)

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Still quite a lot to discover... I see one might actually be able

to take out some of the (mercifully few) hot pixels via "BPC". 

Watec Blemish Pixel Compensation! Sounding worth a go.  ;)

I sense I may be being a bit conservative on my use of gain

Fwiw, 20dB (about mid-scale). Letting it rip a bit more now!

So many parameter (to vary) - So little time (to test out)?  :p

Also finding "Narrow Band" can quite reduce available light!

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