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Hello i'm new

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My name is david and i like taking pictures, last year i learned to take infrared picture and i like it but… not safe when we are new in this i damaged a camera who was new and it was very disapointing when trying to remove the it cut filter a cut the orange flat cable accidentely so my. Camera was broken… later i bought another camera a bridge and i was easiest to remove the ir filter so i managed to make a camera for full spectrum but there was problem when i zoomed picture was not sharp as when the ir cut was on i learned i need a glass filter with no ir coating i found a old sensor glass from a 1 euro camera and i put it on and image is good now but infortunately i made a little scratch in the glass who is directly on the sensor so i have a little black blurry line in every images i take…. I searched on internet how to mask a scratch on glass they say to try dentifrice or oil but scratch is here again… so i searched for change the glass in the sensor… and it point me in this forum i readed an interested post who talk about debayerisation and it was pationate!

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Hi David and welcome to SGL. By the tone of your first thread you seem to have a great interest in photography, but your DIY efforts in carrying out camera conversions, seems to have been accident prone. It is very nice if you can accomplish such camera alterations and there are a few forum members who have achieved this, but the majority look upon it as a case of where Angels fear to tread, leaving it to the professional camera technicians, as the cheaper option in the long run, taking camera damage into the equation.

A little more information would be most helpful, as to what part of the country you are in and whether your interests extends to photographing the stars. I hope you find what you want and enjoy the forum :)

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Welcome to SGL... as you have discovered that there is a lot of experimentation, trial and error and unfortunately damage when trying to modify gear and do things "outside of the square"... But think of the joy and pride when you succeed in your goal...

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