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I'm pretty new to astronomy and this is my first time on this website - I am excited to get into stargazing and have already looked at many planets and double stars! Currently I only have a 76mm reflector which is restricting me a little - (Hope to upgrade in the future) Any tips to enhance my viewing experience without getting out my wallet? Thanks for any comments :)

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hi Spam,

Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. A few of ways to enhance your viewing experience :--

1. Spend more time at the eyepiece, as your eye adjusts more detail will become apparent,

2. Use a planetarium program (plenty out there but try stellarium its great and free to be found here :-- http://www.stellarium.org/) to find out what is visible, make yourself a target list to find.

3. Join your local astro group, observing sessions are great fun and if its cloudy I bet there will be a local hostelry nearby :grin:.

4. Try to keep a log of what you have viewed and how you found them.

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Hi! Welcome to sgl.

Definitely get stellarium if you can. Free, and gives you a great sky map, for whatever view you have and you can set it for any time. It's great.

Also, don't worry about your scope restricting you! Just with your eyes and binoculars you can get great familiarity with the sky.

Definitely able to get some cracking views of the moon with your scope, and other things too. Don't get too fixated on bigger and better, do the best with what you have, and that will let you know where to go with your astronomy. I. E. Visual, photography, planets, dso's, stars, sun etc. It's a bit of a discovery, but just having a scope sets you ahead already!

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