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Need a new barlow for my scope i think i started a post months and months again im on my phone and cant find old post so fort i would ask again sorry does anyone now what sort of barlow would be best for my scope its my birthday so other people are paying hahaha my scope is a

Revelation 16" f/4.5 M-CRF Truss Dobsonian if made my own stand forit it doesnt move a mm without me pushing it so very stable i did want a x5 powermate but not sure now if anyone can help would be great thank you

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Not sure a 5x barlow would be much use to you really - the magnification would be huge even if used with a 25mm eyepiece. 3x and above barlows are usually used for imaging.

What eyepieces do you currently have ?

Are you looking for a 1.25" or a 2" barlow lens ?

Sorry for the Q's but I want to come up with decent and usable suggestions :smiley:

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I have 25mm 15mm 8mm all bst and a 10mm and a 12mm from my old skywatcher scope i had

The 25,15 and 8mm is good enough. I really dont see a need for a barlow. Once you have a high,medium and low EP............that really is all about you need.

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......using  Starguider EDs, I use  Skywatcher`s 2x Deluxe Barlow. I can remove the Barlow tube and just use the lens cell fitted directly to the EP to give a Barlow factor of approx 1.6x. This suits my needs  just fine, but I use a much smaller and slower scope to yours!

Can I also ask, how do you deal with any coma on your f/4.5 using the BST's?

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Sorry i do have a 32mm eyepice as well it come with the scope 2ich one so it doesnt get used alot and about the coma i only really look at and take pics of the planets and moon no tracking at the moment so pics of the star clusters and nebula are out of reach haha sorry about the spelling

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