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A few images using sdc435 and 130p


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Hi all well i finally got a clear night to test out a bluetooth module with a Skywatcher alt az mount ( supatrak ) and SkySafari . From the start i had a problem with SkySafari when connecting to the scope , the app was sending data to the scope but the scope was not responding . Turns out i had to setup the scope in the SkySafari for wifi connection not bluetooth and had to put in the ip number reported in the virtuoso app then all communicated fine although the goto's were slightly off a bit it was good enough for now until i can figure it out more .

M13 and M15 were taken at 256x exposure and 1 minute of video was recorded then stacked , M27 was taken at 512x and again 1 minute of video was recorded and stacked , i used a Skywatcher 130p on an altaz mount the supatrak version with bluetooth module and SkySafari for goto plus a Samsung sdc 435 video camera .

Regards Alan




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Thanks for comments guys had some time to dig a bit deeper into Skysafari and the Virtuoso app so should be a lot easier next session out :) , @ Nightfisher  the camera was connected to a nosepiece then straight into the scope ( no reducer ) which is just a plain old 130p from the az goto kit and i only had about 5 mm of in travel left on the focuser so i'm guessing a reducer would be well out of my focus range without modding the scope / focuser but i may look into testing one out and reducing as much length as possible from the nosepiece and focuser adapters :) .

Regards Alan

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