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Atik 383L

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I'm off to have a look at an Atik 383L that someone is selling on Thursday.

But I wonder ... is the 383L the same as a 383L plus ? Are there two different models?

This camera is about 3 years old so I was wondering if there are any significant changes to the model or whether it is still the same today.

Any answers gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.


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Make sure that the shutter us operating correctly as it is mechanical. It should open and close twice upon connection to the laptop. You should also ask to see a Bias and preferably a 900s Dark frame just to make sure that there are no problems with the sensor. The peltier cooling is usually reliable but you would probably have to recharge the desiccant tablets in the oven to be on the safe side otherwise you get icing on the sensor due to rapid cooling. Otherwise 383L should be a reliable work horse.


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