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Cretan holiday slides


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Rather than clog up forums, I'll put in my holiday slides into a single post and then leave well alone. These images are all from a villa in Crete, on the south side of the island, giving wonderful views of the southern skies. I am exceedingly jealous of this place. All images are taken with a modded Canon 450d and a 50mm prime lens sitting on a StarAdventurer mount. 20 (or there abouts) x 2 minutes for each of them.

Sagittarius, or the teapot:


The Tail of Scorpio:


Scorpio trying to catch Saturn:


and for completeness, here is the one I posted earlier:




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Gorgeous images!

I can't wait to get back to Crete, we stayed somewhere in the middlish north near Melidoni and while there was some light spill from the town the skies were still amazing. We have often thought about a remote stay on the southern side.

One day we will get back I hope.

Looks like the modded dslr has worked a treat with that 50mm too.

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Crete is wonderful. I have seen a single solitary cloud in the whole time I have been here and that was a little one low on the horizon which disappeared after 5 minutes! The south seems to be the less touristy part of Crete, certainly no big towns near where I am.

I have also spent ages looking up what all the objects are in these pictures as well. Some don't show up easily in Stellarium, like the Cat's Paw nebula etc but are really clear in the images. Shame I won't be seeing these for quite a while at the end of the week...

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I'm really not sure whether to applaud your exceptional skill in producing these images or question just what kind of dood is it that fills a post on a UK forum with talk regarding the shock at seeing a lone cloud - deep on the horizon LOL!

However, not only did you produce some exceptional wide field shots (one of my new obsessions) but you've highlighted how you can travel to such a place with minimal equipment and capture stunning images.

Well done....but enough about the cloudless skies right?? LOL


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