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Newbie LRGB Issues

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So...I recently dived down the CCD road by purchasing an Atik314L+. I have been having a lot of fun with mono images and the longer exposure times I can now manage. While I had the funds, I decided to get a filter wheel and and filters (LRGB + NB) as it would be something I knew I would want to get into.

A few months back, I had took some Horsehead Nebula images and thought it would be a good time try my filters too and rattled off some exposures, without too much care as it was only supposed to be a test. The processing didnt go well so I stepped back and continued with mono images. I now have some time to find out what or where I went wrong. I have watched huge amounts of tutorial videos and read a lot of different methods but I still seem to fall at the same hurdle. No matter how I combine the RGB, using Dawn, Photoshop, DSS....the combined image never looks anything other than grey. I get colour when I drop one of the channels out in PS but as soon as I look at the combined image, it's grey. In Photoshop, the "merge channel" tab is always greyed out (which seems important in most tutorials) and despite moving every adjustment bar i can find, the image never shows any colour.

Would it make a difference if I was using NB filters and not RGB? I'm starting to have doubts to what filters I decided to "play" with at the time!

I really hope I am doing something stupid....it wouldn't be the first time!

Please help! :)


Ps.....I'm using cs5 64bit if that makes any difference

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