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Bubble Nebula DSLR


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Hi All

Had a go at the Bubble nebula recently with the 130 pds.  

The fov was sufficient to include the open cluster M52 as well which was an extra bonus I hadn't anticipated as I just centred on the Bubble hoping for the best ! Not intending to include the cluster  - in fact didn't even know it was there until it appeared during the processing  - Quelle Surprise !

About 8x1000s subs.

I have included a cropped version as well  to just frame the 'bubble'

Used a UHC filter and modded camera  -  in a light polluted area of Reading  - difficult to get rid of all the chrominance noise ! 

Best Wishes




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Great image thanks for sharing. The bar just seems to get raised higher and higher love it

Unbelievable what can be achieved from our back gardens.


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Love the images, weirdly I had the opposite experience.

I went to image M52 and wondered what the red nebula was only to realise it was the Bubble Nebula.

Now that M52 and the Bubble are higher up in the sky its one I am going to return to soon.

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I've been told and read that the way to reduce the chromiance noise in a Canon DSLR is to aggressively dither: 12 to 15 pixels and let the stacking average out the noise. Apparently this also eliminates the need for darks (which makes sense as the sensor and read noise will be randomised across the final image).

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to try the technique yet... ;)

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Thanks Laudrppb, Gareth and Droogie.

I guess one of the advantages of back garden imaging is that I can leave the kit imaging on its own overnight whilst I go to bed! However because of restricted views this is only relevant to a particular strip of sky. This means you always have some subs where the object is high up and LP is less of an issue.

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Thanks for your comments and the dither information Pompey Monkey.  

I do apply dither with Backyard (should be Backgarden!)  EOS and PHD  but didn't know what values to set, so I need to experiment with the settings.  The ones I am using are the default ones and I dont think they are effective !  I think there are some clear skies coming up this weekend here so I will try some new settings.

Thanks again


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