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Is it possible to tell from the attached picture if my SW200p is set up correctly.  I have had it 3 weeks and it was 2nd hand.  I have been happy with the results but

am so confused with the art of collimation.  I dont want to touch it without some guidance.  I have read so many articles on this that my brain hurts.

I have a Cheshire and a modified film canister.  I have looked through both and from what I can see the scope seems to be OK but I thought collimation would be a regular thing I would have to do.  The photo was taken with a compact camera that just happens to fit were the EP goes.

Thank for any help that anyone can provide.  I dont want to disturb things till I have to.

I the limited time I have had using the scope I am amazed at what I have seen.  Saturn is stunning.



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Nope. Can't see the primary mirror clips. Secondary is out. If I'm seeing it right, the secondary is ok for depth in the tube, but needs to be angled a bit more towards the EP holder. Looking naked eye down the focus tube, and your eye centered mirror should look round, centered so there is a bit of black right around and you can see all three primary clips. Then center the spot by adjusting primary.

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i can see the clips, doesnt look far out to me

Me too. Looks quite good, not perfect but should work fine. I'd get on and use it :smiley:

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Thanks everyone.  When I read the first reply I got even more worried as I did not think things were too bad but judging by the rest of the comments It seems that is

OK.  I wont touch it now and I have a future refrence to look to when it does need adjustment.  I will try the star test again as I did do this and the results seemed to say

that the settings were OK.

Thanks again for the help and advice.  Lots to learn and plenty of teachers to help


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