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MetCheck could hardly be more wrong....

Guest telescope4u

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Guest telescope4u

Well according to Metcheck we have no cloud and visibility is outstanding.....Well I have 99.9% cloud. The only thing I'm missing is 5ft of snow.

I'm not going to point any fingers....but someone close by has a new Celestron GPS telescope.....his name starts with M and ends in B and it's got artin in between.

Damn you 'New telescope Cloud God'. :lol:

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:lol: Hang about!!! I'm not allowed to use my scope yet, not until March 15th so do go blaming me. I reckon the cloud epicentre must be Woverhampton :lol:

High pressure, NE wind, winter often means cloud for us just E of the peak district. Why the met boffins can't sus that I don't know. Trip to Castleton today, as soon as we had gone over Curbar Edge the skies were clearing and not a cloud by Castleton. Cloudy in C/field all day.

Now 15th March will be a good time for everyone to have a nice family holiday for a couple of weeks.


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I have to share some of the blame.

I managed to get out last night with the OMC but it is a case of the balance being redressed tonight.

What is particularily annoying is that I helped someone move to Datchet (Nr Windsor) todaya and the sky was beatifully clear. I left at about 5.30 and as I drove back to London I could see the cloude getting thicker.

By the time I got home it was 100% cloud cover :lol:

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Further up north I have clear skies, well almost, turbulance high up and a bl**dy gusting wind at ground level. Only went out with wide field scope on foto tripod, and sheltered behind the house. could make out M42 ok, but M31 couldn't pick it out, and it's any easy naked eye. Saturn and the Beehive looked could between the gusts. After an hour gave up and came back in, need a glass of the local to warm up.

no point in setting up the reflector, the thing isn't stable at the best of times.

Hope to have the rings for the 3" this week, and I cane give that a try, wind & cloud permitting.


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