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orion f6.3

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With all the cloud about i am amazed i can wright any sort of a review! First, this is not a cheap scope, so at least a good performance was expected. At the moment it as on a manffrotto 055 but as of next week will be on a AZ3 mount. this is the minimum you will need as this scope will take magnification of x125 to move and re-lock as on the manffrotto, will cause time loss and the inability to put the image to the center of the eyepiece. THE TEST.  Saturn was an obvious target and did not disappoint with a 15mm and 3x Barlow the cassini devision was just visable (28.01.06) but the planet as a whole was very sharp and clear (no filters have been used at this point) 2 moons were clear and sharp. A 15mm eyepiece gives a good clean view of THE NORTH STAR Polaris and its 8th-MAG companion. A clear night gave a surprising view, all 4 stars in M42 i was expecting only 3. The FOV as is outstanding, even a 26mm eyepiece will show all 3 stars in ORIONS BELT (alnitak,alnilam & mintaka) as for Pleiades, to be able to view all in one eyepiece then with a quick eyepiece change to fill the FOV with Alcyone and its companions is a joy.  Having just received a solar filter this scope will go just about everywhere this year :lol: The optics them selves are well worth the money so good i wish i had spent the extra £70 and gone for the micro focuser. this would be a real bonus on the higher magnification used on planets.   Thanks   Orion f6.3

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Thanks for an interesting review Orion,

I have the same scope and managed to use it recently under a clear dark sky. Like you, I am very impressed; build quality is incredible; optics are very good. I am looking forward to comparing it with Gregs (Phattire) Skywatcher 80 Pro.


PS: Did I mention how well built it is...

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