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Hello everyone,

Firstly i would just like to say thank you so much to everyone who suggested a new finder....  I have Celestron Astromaster 130 and as you all know, the red dot finder was driving me insane!!  So we ordered a Telrad.....  Oh my goodness, what a difference!  Last night alone, i jumped from Jupiter to Venus, across to Saturn and even managed to check out 3 Deep Space Objects (M3, M4, and M80).  I was gobsmacked at the ease of it and went to bed a very very happy lady!

I also got a Vixen NPL 30mm Eyepiece which is just beautiful to look through and the view i am seeing of the millions of stars is breathtaking at times.

Now, whilst i am talking of beautiful sights, i was just observing the sky and letting my eyes adjust (as you do), and couldn't help but notice a hazy strip, almost like clouds but so so thin across the sky.  It looked like it was starting close to Saturn and streaking off diagonally to the left.....  I dragged my husband out to ask if he could see what i could see and he said 'yeah, i kinda see it......'   but didn't look convinced.  My gut instinct is that i was seeing the milky way, but i thought you had to have super dark skies where you are (which mine aren't, its dark enough, but not like in the middle of a field or anything!)  The sky was so full of stars last night, and we had no wind at all.  No clouds, nothing, so do you think this is what i was seeing.  Would be super excited if it was as that's another thing to add to my growing list of experiences!!


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Hi Mrs Appleton,

Without giving us some guide stars where this was, but it does sound like the Mway. If you have a star atlas or planetarium program that would confirm your view. If you have not downloaded a planetarium program try stellarium, its great and free, to be found here :--- http://www.stellarium.org/

For a book 'sky&telescope pocket atlas' is a great source.

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Sounds great Gemma, and very likely that you saw the Milky Way.

Does this help at all?


It shows where Saturn is, plus the position of the MW at around midnight from Limassol. It runs from the horizon, diagonally up to the left through Sagittarius (the teapot shape highlighted) up through Cygnus and ultimately through to Cassiopeia. I expect you just saw the brightest part down near Sagittarius and possibly up to Cygnus.

It's well worth getting somewhere darker when there is no moon to see it properly.

Enjoy your scope


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Switch on cardinal points - ecliptic, and meridian. Place south at the bottom of your screen. Then go outside with a compass and identify which way is south. Use a fixed observation point each time and some fixed object that marks where south is. Eg from my doorstep - south is in the direction of a particular telegraph pole in the street.

Now when you look up at the sky - the configuration of stars will always be identical to what's on your Stellarium screen from east to west and ground to zenith. Hth :)

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