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SC2000 diy astro cam


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Hey all well i decided to pick up one of the sc2000 board cameras that there has been a lot of talk about on various forums . I managed to remove the ir filter from the ccd window which was a bit unnerving and clean up the glue left behind , then mounted it in a small project box grommeted the cable exit and added a 1.25" nose piece and astro ir filter . If the results are any good i'll look into some kind of cooling as the box has plenty of space left but for the moment i've just drilled a circular pattern of vent holes on the back and added a dust filter to the inside , i'll report back if the results are worthy lol :)



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Thats a very tidy job, would like that myself for my one but i would never be able to do the mods, i am still waiting for my Watec 902A to arrive, hpefully this should do what i need

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