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Broken leg


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Hey ho you clever types, I have a Skywatcher EQ3-2 mount, on one of the tripod legs the plastic collar that is used to secure the middle section has a large crack in it, which is slowly getting worse. The crack is down to a heavy handed chum who helped pack away one night. Any way, my question is this: is it possible to buy a single leg? the plastic collar is riveted to the leg, so it's not an easy replacement. a pic is attached to identify the partpost-13342-0-13528300-1435779586.jpg

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Try gluing into the cracked area then find something to keep pressure applied to the area for 24hrs (or how ever long the glue you are using takes to dry) and then see how it is. I would look around for a new leg though as it would be bad if one night the leg gave in during observation.

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They seem to break fairly easy, unfortunately unaware of a source of replacements.

Looked at astroboot last night and cannot recall any "spare" legs on there, although there were a couple of tripods.

Suspect there are a few legs around, others have suffered the same and may have the broken tripod hanging around.

One may read this and offer a leg for postage, you cannot place a wanted ad unfortunately.

Could ask on ABSUK.

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Glueing will not be a long term solution.  I tried this on a Celestron tripod.  Tightening the bolt puts pressure on the glue (even epoxy) and it eventually loses its grip on the plastic.

A solution is to bend a furniture mending plate (like this one - http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-Hardware-75-5851-Mending-Plates/dp/B00004Z0U8)of sufficient length - or you can use an aluminium bar - into a box shape like the plastic clamp.

Then drill/tap a hole in the box shaped metal for the tightening screw.  Basically you are fabricating a new clamp out of metal.

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Unfortunately the act of tightening the clamp bolt will open up the crack again, even if you find a glue that works on the plastic.

A couple of nylon ties, one above, one below the clamp bolt, might be enough.


Glue and then Cable ties -  Not the prettiest solution but works a treat...  I fitted the cable ties as a preventative measure when I had one of these tripods...


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