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Leap Second


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Radio controlled eh!

How does that work?

Do you put the clock by the radio when the "pips" come on?


The MSF time signal, originally broadcast from Droitwich and now from Cumbria, is both a time signal and a frequency standard at 60kHz.

There are all kinds of clocks and watches available that can receive this signal and automatically set to the precise time.



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I thought the best atomic clock signal came from Rugby, smack in the middle of the country?

Yeah, that was it MSF was Known as the Rugby Time Signal. For some reason I've got Droitwich in my head as the transmitter site. But that's not even near Rugby...Hmm...

Anyway, it moved a few years ago to a new transmitter in Northern Cumbria. 

Edit: I'm confusing things with the BBC radio 4 Long Wave signal on 198kHz. That is also controlled by an Atomic Clock but is used to control domestic Economy 7 switch gear. This is transmitted from Droitwich.

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