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It's a cold one here


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Just come in for a warm up took a measurement of -5 but it is clear :lol:.

Looking at the Flame Nebula at the moment/imaging whilst i wait till later on for M81/82 to come round from a tree.

How about you guys n girls?

James :sunny:

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Hope you get them WH.... :lol: Its still pretty cloudy here, but have sneeked a glimpse of Saturn sitting alongside the beehive, which is such a pretty sight.... :lol: I'm going to hang on in there a little longer for the cloud dispersal, and return to my targets 65 & 66... :lol:

Got cloudy. :lol:

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I was busy with other things until 10 pm last night, by which time it was extremely cold outside. It was clear, but the atmosphere looked a bit unsteady. So, I decided it was a good night for a brief binocular sweep :lol: rather than setting up the scope.

Saturn and the Beehive Cluster look great through my 10x50 binoculars! Pleiades and Hyades were wonderful, of course. From my position reclining on the garden bench, it was a good night for browsing through Orion, Gemini and Auriga, finding faint stars that I wouldn't normally see with the naked eye, and the occasional faint smudgy cluster.

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Last night was pretty cold here in London.

The seeing was below average and the wind was very gusty.

When I put the scope on Sirius the light show was amazing.

I noticed the stars to the South were 'Twinkling' much more than in any other direction. I reasoned that this was for 2 reasons.

1- The Stars in the Orion area are bright so will 'twinkle' more.

2- The high pressure was drawing air down from the NE to the SW so I was looking through a more active part of the atmosphere.

Did anyone else reckon the seeing was poor?



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