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Saturn with cheap webcam

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Finally had a clearish night, so took some video of Saturn (now that I can find it!). Took 3 lots of ~1min, with the last of them the best. These are the best images I got from AutoStakkert!...



The view through the EP was much clearer than I got with the video so I think the focus was out a bit. Plus it's a very cheap webcam so I wasnt expecting very much.

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Thanks Guys. I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, so Saturn is at 64º at the moment. Next time I get a clear evening I'll try a Bahtinov mask and see if I can improve the focus.

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Yeah, I think so. When I unscrewed the focusing assembly from the webcam, all sorts of lenses and bits fell out leaving only the sensor behind. Build quality wasn't the greatest. But as I used the 10mm EP that came with the scope as the tube, do you think it'll be worthwhile looking for an IR filter to screw into it?

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Great shots, what type of scope do you have?

I'm really interested in astrophotography. I am waiting on my Celestron SLT 102 just to look up at the night sky.

I had my first Wow moment looking through my C90 at the moon about 2 months ago, beautiful it was. :shocked:

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