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Recommendation for refractor /Quark ha

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I am looking for recommendations for a 100 - 120mm scope that I will primarily use with my Quark ha ep.

I had a 80ed which gave nice views but wasn't bright enough so I tried a 80/480 scope which again was good but lacked something.

Finally I tried the quark in my 100ed and was quite please but the magnification is borderline.

As I like the 100ed as a light weight grab and go I was now thinking of maybe adding another faster scope that will be mostly used with the quark.

Some people like the startravel 102 f5, other found it not as good as a ed scope, even with a narrowband quark.

TS stocks Bresser 102/600 achros which are closer to the recommended fl range.

Which scopes worked for you that don't cost an arm and a leg.

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The only problem would be the weight. I try to stay below 4.5 kg for the ota as my small ayotraveller on a berlebach report tripod takes only 6kg, but with 3kg total it's a perfect travel setup.

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There was some talk a while ago that Quark ideally need ED glass to perform at it's best. I was able to try a quark in my ST102 and I was left a little underwhelmed preferring the views through a smaller 87mm ED. My ST102 performs superbly for WL and far exceeds my expectations for night time astronomy so I can only assume that the original talk of the Quark needing better colour corrected glass is legitimate but then using ED glass is always going to have it's advantages isn't it. Are you using the quark for visual observing as I'm not sure what short focal length 4" ED fraks there are that will suit the quark, but I'm aware of members using 120ED's for imaging with superb result.

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I guess my Vixen ED102SS might be a good one for this purpose. It's an ED doublet of F/6.5. The focal length is 663mm and the weight around 3.5 kg. They don't come up often though. The nearest I can find to it's spec is the Altair Starwave 102 which is F/7 but it's described as a "semi-apo" :undecided:

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