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for those who love big pictures

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Hello Sometimes show images at 100% does not allow to see all the details. If you are looking the smallest craters visible it is necessary to enlarge the image. Here are somes pictures, Copernicus at

Thank you. Another big image. Clear sky. Luc

Hello As I see you like it I'll let you count the craters : Hyginus Clear Sky PS : For Avani : you do great job also.

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That last image of Arzachel is incredible, stunning resolution and depth from the low incidence of lighting giving a near 3d effect.     I've not noticed the almost perfect cross of the rille feature just above the central peak, but beautifully caught here.

Nice comparison to hold this up against the NASA LO4 images - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arzachel_(crater)#/media/File:Arzachel_crater_4108_h1_4108_h2.jpg 

Old tech admittedly, but no atmosphere and considerably closer - I think you have a definite edge here ;)

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Superb collection of lunar images!

I love seeing the moon and your images give some of the most beautiful insights about our satellite!

Thanks very much for sharing them!

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A new version of Alphonsus more clear and enjoyable to watch.

You have also  the new GIF to see the treatment progress.

Clear sky.




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