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A little help required

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Some on here may remember that several years ago I wrote an article on astronomy for the disabled, I now plan to publish this article along with another I have written titled astronomy from the inside as a small FREE  ibook in the hope it can help those who are less able to either take up or continue with their hobby.

So where does the help come in?

I need a cover image and am hoping that one of thew members will donate an image royalty free, of course you will be credited and if you wish a link to your astrophotography web site will be included along with a link to this site and my local astronomy club in the references as all have been very supportive towards me over the years.

What am I looking for? M42 in colour would be nice , preferably in a square format, though I can crop the image to fit if thats agreeable with the person who submits it.

As already mentioned this ibook will be free to download if approved by Apple in the hope it reaches as wider audience as possible.

thanks in advance


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hi mate, like what your doing with i book,ive been disabled since my early 40s so l know where your coming from,the few images ive got in my galarry your are welcome to im not into ap but i do like to take the odd snap of what im looking at.i havnt got any of m42 yet.all the best charl.

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Sounds like a good project, congrats on taking it forwards. I have an M42 you are very welcome to have but I'm sure you'll get a much better offer - you don't want a half hearted image on the cover, you want the best you can. If there are other images you need for the book list them and I'm sure you'll get some offers. I'm also happy to read over the manuacript if you want some impartial proof-reading and comments - I am red-pen happy though :)

Good work.


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If you think this is appropriate you are welcome to use it. :smiley:  It was shot with a mono dsi 2 camera, the false colour is to show varying brightness levels across the nebula. 


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