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Possible meteorite find

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Hello,  out walking at the weekend and my son picked up an odd looking stone which i quickly took off him before he threw into a pond.  Its very black, has an obvious molten side, heavy and is quite strongly magnetic, here are a few pics.





No the best due to lighting and taken with phone.  Have done some internet reading and suppose the next thing for me do do is to take a file to it and open a 'window' as they call it.

In the mean time any other ideas what to do next?  testing or opinions.

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Hello Dave [ :hal:]...

HAL says... "It maybe worth your while taking along and enquiring at a local museum."   :evil6:

Q1. What size is it? (could help with ruler in the photo to give a sense of scale).

Q2. What is the shiny object on the last photo?

If it is a 'possible' meteorite... congratulations.

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Please do post more photos if you decide to do some of the tests on that page.  I for one would find it interesting.

I guess one possible terrestrial origin might be slag from metalworking.  Do you know of any history of that sort of activity in the area where you found it?


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To my very untrained eye it does look very much like a piece of iron slag.

Me too. We find quite a lot like that on the Mendip Hills.

If you want to get it definitively checked Dr Sara Russel at the Natural History Museum in London is the UK expert on meteorites:


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I'd second the foundry slag theory.

Found a piece on the shore very much like this and got excited, looks very similar to yours.

Foundry slag is a common false meteorite apparently.

Porosity on the surface is a give away, a meteor entering our atmosphere would have surface melt making the exterior smooth all over.

There are many websites including:



I do now however intend to carry a magnet when beachcombing, one never knows......

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