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Can I get my HEQ5 Pro Mount serviced?!

Fordos Moon

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After three years of excellent performance my mount has developed a small wobble despite checking all the fixings are tight. The mount is atop a rock solid pier.

You may have guessed I am not a mechanic.

When imaging something low in the sky it is fine, and something near the zenith but anything about 60 degrees up is giving me mega peaks and troughs on my PHD2 readout and stars with lines through them (slight wiggle then settles).

I am guessing the weight distribution of the scope shifts with altitude and where it is not rock solid it is moving a little.

I am also showing the PHD2 guy my data on the google phd group to check that side of things, he is always really helpful.

My question is does anyone know of someone who can service / check my mount?

Many thanks


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Its not uncommon for the mount to develop a bit of wobble and in some cases its quiet bad, a bit of tweaking can be all that is needed to fix it, One of my past EQ6's had this and after a night or two of adjustment it was whipped back into line.

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