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atik 414ex with 200mm camera lens

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Ok, So I get that using a small chip ccd with a camera lens is not ideal and for all I know impossible due to the 6.65"/pixel and the star may well look like bricks but as I have all the bits, I was wondering if anyone has done this and could share an image or two on here so I can see how it turns out. 

The reason I ask is that I've an astrotrak and figured it'd be a nice compacked set-up for when I'm away from the permanent pier and it would mean I don't need to pull down the eq6 as it's pretty well polar/drift aligned and who wants to go through that too often.. Thoughts and opinions and also experiences would be most welcome :)


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I have imaged with this resolution before but it was back in 2008 and I used the same size sensor as you but with a colour matrix. The biggest issue with your camera will be getting infinity focus with a filter wheel in place - very, very tight so you may need a filter drawer instead.

Here are some of my earliest images using this combo but you will be able to do better! :embarrassed:




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Here's a couple of examples taken with an Atik-420 wit Tamron 210mm f/4 zoom lens on a super polaris mount.

No darks, no flats, no guiding - just RA tracking.

Both from a suburban backyard

Omega centauri and Centaurus-A



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I've done a few with similar sized pixels though bigger chips. If you are unfavourably sampled the trick is to do mosaics and present each panel smaller in the wider field. eg http://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Photography/Widefield-images-including/i-Cb634jv/0/X3/CONE%20ROSETTE%20HARGB%20provisionalWEB-X3.jpgIn fact I've published images with 7 micron pixels and 85mm focal length lenses and they seem to have gone down OK. Again the thing is to do a mosaic and then keep the final image fairly small. This was 85MM with an Atik 4000 and 6 panels. It did have te;escopic overlays for the best bits but they didn't really transorm the image, just enhance parts of it. http://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-gfQmRVJ/0/X3/ORION%202014%20reprocessWEB-X3.jpg Olly

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